Sell Your Boats

Let us sell your boats for you

A core aspect of our work has to do with boats, and this has given us access to knowledge and information about boats and the financial part of owning them. If you have a boat that you want to sell, you can let us broker the sale for you and ensure that you get all the benefits that come with the sale. If there is one vehicle that people are ever ready to buy it second hand, it will be boats. The high cost of boats is a discouragement to many people that want to own boats but cannot afford it. But it takes more than just desire to sell boats, and it takes expertise and information. While you can easily inform people about a boat, you wish to sell and even take out adverts both online and offline. Finding a ready buyer for your boat can be frustrating, especially with many of the people approaching you only wishing to try their luck. Even if you find a buyer, rarely would they want to pay for the boat’s actual value as they will be looking for a bargain. But you can let us handle the sale and watch as you make profits off the sale.

By letting us sell your boat, you will gain not only profits from the sale, but it can get done quicker and without you having to spend unnecessary money and time to make it happen. We deal in boats, and we have created an extensive network of boat dealers and buyers who want to buy your boat. We are also professionals who have handled the sale of many boats in the past, so we know how to advertise your boat and the perfect audience to advertise your boat too. In our line of our, we are very close to information and can easily tell who is looking for a boat at a point in time, all we have to do is advertise your boat to such a person, and you can be certain of your boat getting sold within weeks or months at worst.

Why you should use us to sell your boat

  • Free up space in your storage and use it for something else
  • Keep your boat in a safe and secure location.
  • Save money and efforts.
  • Get your boat sold at the best price and with good returns.
  • Swap your boat with another if that is what you want.

How to consign your boat to us?

  • Deliver your boat to our office in good condition
  • Present documents of the boats to prove ownership
  • We appraise the boat to determine its value
  • sign an agreement with us for the sale and value of the boat
  • We advertise the boat to the right buyers
  • We sell the boat and transfer ownership to the buyer
  • We transfer the agreed sale price to you.

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