About our Auto services

We don’t just deal in marine vehicles, we also provide tops and interior services for automobiles, and we can get your car or RV looking fantastic within a short time. We provide all kinds of fittings for automobiles on both the exterior and interior. We can help you to turn your automobile beautifully and exciting for you. We provide all forms of upholstery services, starting with the replacement top to the custom pink fitted top for your vehicle. We are experts in outfitting all kinds of automobile models and cars, and we use high-quality replacement materials for the process. Whether you are going for a classic or a contemporary look, we can help you craft the look you wish for.

We also help you to install tops for your convertible cars and fix seats for your car. If you notice a burnt hole in your car or your leather seats are worn out, we can help you to fix it. We perform all kinds of seat upholstering, and we make use of the same material that the manufacturer uses. We pride ourselves in providing excellent work with material and colour to match, and any kind of upholstery design that you have in mind can be implemented effectively. Whether it is a small rip that you need to fix or want to overhaul your vehicle’s entire interior and seats, we can help you with everything and have your car in fantastic shape in no time.

If the interior ceiling of your vehicle is also shaggy and loose, we are the ones you want to call to fix it. We have been repairing and replacing headliners for many years now, and we are already experts in that regard. We can replace classic, older, and antique headliners. We will make sure that the workmanship is excellent and the material is excellent as well. We can also help you to fix truck linings and damaged carpets by replacing it, and we also add sound deadener and padding to make sure that it is in great shape. We can also help you to fix scratched and peeled panels on your vehicle. By the time we are done with your vehicle, it will be in a complete great shape.

You also don’t have to worry about the cost because our services come at an affordable price.


Our Auto services include;

Automobile Tops

We supply and install all available makes of convertible tops, replacement windows for convertible tops (when possible, not all tops have this option) zipper repair or replacement, vinyl tops and bikini tops.

Automobile and RV Interiors

Leather kits, headliners, recover seats, repair seats, re-sew seats, rebuild foam, carpets, door panels and truck tonneau covers. Complete custom interiors or we can get any available factory match up material and carpet. We recover and re-foam Motorcycle seats.

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