About our commercial upholstery services

We are also experts in commercial works, and we can give your health care or restaurant establishment a new look with our quality upholstery services. We have been in the business for many years and what has sustained our services for a long time is the quality of our services. We specialise in custom made furniture for commercial places such as offices, cafes, domestic markets, restaurants, and many other establishments. We can help you with booth seating, beds, café stools, bedheads, lounges, ottomans, classic furniture, aged care furniture, and many more. We can help you revamp your commercial establishment, and we will use the best material for every job that we take.

We use high-quality materials that will make sure that your commercial space will achieve the results we want. There is a major difference between fabrics that are used for residential and commercial purposes. The commercial fabrics are expected to be very durable because they will be used in high use environments such as healthcare facilities, hospitality industry, offices, retailers, convention centres, and other materials. Most times, the fabrics used for commercial projects must meet the state code specifications. For example, in a healthcare environment, the fabrics we use must be anti-microbial, in a hotel, the fabrics used must meet non-flammability requirements while fabrics used for the commercial exterior must use a fabric that is resistant to UV, water, and mildew. It is why we work directly with the administrators, commercial designers, civil project managers, commercial builders and real estate professionals to make sure that we use contract grade fabrics for their commercial upholstery needs.

Fabrics that we use for commercial upholstery are usually synthetic fibres with high durability. For weaving, we use high-grade nylon, wool, olefin, polyester, and acrylic while the non-woven fabrics include genuine leather, bonded leather, and faux leather which are vinyl leather and polyvinyl chloride. With these fabrics, we help our clients to achieve a wonderful work environment. Imagine all the times you have walked into a restaurant or office and the first thing that caught your eyes was the interior design, you can have that in your commercial establishment too and watch as your customers are impressed by your place. The quality of our works ensures that it is durable and will last you for a very long time. With our upholstery services, we will make sure that your commercial establishment is in an excellent stage.

What makes our services wonderful is not just the quality of the work but also its diversity. We can handle all kinds of commercial upholstering from helping you upgrade your office interior to changing your team stadium or school gym’s seats to outfitting your fleet of boats or cars and having them in unique and custom designs.

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