Pontoon Boats

Make your pontoon boat look better

Do you want to improve the interior and exterior look of your pontoon boat? We are the specialists who can help you do that and give your boat a fresh look for your next vacation or boat cruise.

Perhaps you are wondering what a pontoon boat is. It is a flattish boat relying on floats to maintain buoyancy and designed with large deck space that contains lounge areas, sun pads, stand up bars, etc. As the tube design is getting better, builders are putting more horsepower on the stern of the pontoon boats. Its drafts are usually shallow, with some not more than 18 inches to prevent underwater damage and risk of the boat running aground. The pontoon boat is an excellent boat when it comes to having a pleasurable time on the water and can be used on lakes, rivers, and sometimes, on oceans but close to the shore. With the pontoon boat, there are various water sports that you can try out, such as water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etc. All you have to do is have all the needed accessories such as diving boards, inflatable slides, bimini tops, sun shades, etc. You can also decide to motorise or pull it with other boats, and on some occasions, it can be used for fishing. In recent times, we have seen a development of frameless pontoon boats that are powered by oars and paddles and sometimes electric trolling motors. However, they are very susceptible to windy conditions and waves, which is why they are best used during calm weather, especially at sea. However, there are still many people who use these boats for big game fishing.

At Pacific Boat Tops, we can help you to outfit your pontoon boat and offer replacement furniture, flooring, accessories, and interior or exterior parts that will make your boats even greater and more desirable. We have classic and premium pontoon boat seats available, and we can help you design your deck so that it will look even more conducive and amazing for you.

While pontoon boats might offer you a great time, their designs are relatively simple. If you want your boat to look more beautiful and homely, we can help you restore the boat’s interior to something more elegant with a more pristine condition. While you might be able to do some basic restorations yourself, if you want a truly remarkable restoration, you have to let a professional handle the job, and we are the professionals you need. The Pacific Boat Tops teams have worked on various pontoon boats, and when it comes to upholstering your boat to your taste, we know just how to do that. We will listen to you to identify your needs, and once we know what you prefer, we make it our job to give you just that. You can try us to transform your pontoon boat within a short period.

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